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We gathered questions from our customers.
If you have any questions, please also read our information page.
*Inquiries please email to
Q: DVD can not be played, Is it defective product?
Q: I placed order but why I have not received an email from you?
It may be impossible to reply from us due to an error in filling in your e-mail address.
If you have not received "Ordering Copy" par an auto-reply mail, it is probably that you have entered wrong email address.
Or, it may be due to your setting of security of your mail software.
Please check your setting and see your spam mailbox.

If you do not receive an auto-reply mail, please contact us immediately.
Or if you do not receive reply from us even after a week, please contact us.
(Please fill in your correct email address and check it well again)
Q: What forms of payment do you accept? A: You can choose Paypal or credit card for your payments.
Q: Do you accept AMEX? A: We accept only VISA and Mastercard. We do not accept any other method.
Q: How much is delivering cost?
A: Shipping fee will be fixed after packing your order item and measuring the weight.
EMS: Click here for price list by area.
SMALL PACKET: Click here for price list by area.
DHL: Click here for price list by area.
(When the total amount for one order is under 10,000 JPY, 200 JPY is added as packing fee.)
Q: Can I cancel my order and replace? A: Once we've received your order (including pre-order and over bid), you can not cancel whatever the reason.
We can not accept any changes to other items.
 Q: Do you give discounts?
A: We do not discount for order.
Q: I received an automatic reply mail so I made a transfer immediately.
A: Automatic reply mail is a confirmation of the contents of your order.
Even if the item is "in stock" , sometimes the item is already sold out.
So please wait for our stock confirmation and invoice to avoid troubles. And please transfer the payment after confirming the contents of the mail from us.
Q: I would like a simple packaging.
A: Most of our items have only one each and there is no replacement.
So we consider about troubles of transportation and we send packages with current packaging method.
And, we do not accept individual requests such us "more simply" or "more strictly".
 Q: What if my parcel is damaged?
A: We pack strictly the packages to avoid damages and ship the packages, however there are rarely cases that packages have damages during transportation.
If you find any damages with packages that it's  obviously due to accidents during transportation, please unpack them on the spot andshow it to the delivery driver.
Or if you already received the packages, please contact to the postal staff who delivered. We insure against damages during transportation however the insurance can be dealt only by requesting directly from the customer to the post office or DHL.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Please contact us if there are any questions.
Q: Can you deliver via SAL?
A: We send your shipments by only EMS or SMALL PACKET or DHL.
We do not send by any other methods such as SAL.
Q: What is Overbid?
A: Our second-hand's new items will be sold by Overbid at first..
Overbid is an auction that bidding situation is not shown to public.
The maximumbidding amount numbers on the way and the numbers of bidding people are notshown.
You can decide the purchase price and then you can bid.
Once you bid, you can not cancel it. Moreover we can not answer about the biddingsituation during holding Overbid or after the end.
Before you participate to our overbid, please be sure to read our overbid's guidance.
At the time when you bid, we regard that you understand all our engagements for Overbid.
 Q: I was going to order and put items in the cart, but it disappeared. A: Please note that the contents of the cart will be canceled in 2 hours, if you do not confirm your order.
Q: Forgotten password?
A: If you forgot your password, please click " Forgot password"  and then enter your e-mail address and click "SUBMIT" on the page of "PASSWORDREMINDER" .
Your password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
We can not check your password, because we protect our customer's information.
Q: Modify my account? A: You can modify on "My Page".
Q: Subscribe mailmagazine
A: We only issue our e-mail newsletters to our members' customers. 
If you do not receive it or would like to subscribe it, please contact to
(The e-mail newsletter(e-zine) will be issued every Wednesday morning Japan time).
If you would like to stop subscribing, please also contact to :
Q: Can you offer me plastic cases and plastic bags? A: We do not sell or offer plastic cases, plastic bags or any other material.
Q: DVD can not be played, Is it defective product?
A: If the DVD disc was "frozen for a moment during playback" or "could not be read", " has problem of playback (noise )"  etc.. , it is not a problem of defected disc in these cases.It may be a problem of DVD Player.
If your DVD player is not compatible with "double layer" or if the optical pickup is weakened ( it may be solved with a cleaner), if the buffer memory is low, etc, DVD can not be played well due to the system of the drive.
Especially PC or PlayStation are not playback-only DVD drives, so we recommend that the DVD is played with a dedicated DVD player. 
there is rare case  that the compatibility between the disc and the DVD influence the playback so the DVD can not be played well or the image has distortion.
In this case, if the DVD is played with another playback-only DVD player, it can be played without problems.
And, please also try to clean the disc with a soft cloth with your whole palm or to clean lens with a cleaner.
Attention: Basically we sell DVD on NTSC format.
Q : How do I exchange  if I receive a defective product?
A : If you received defected items, please contact us by e-mail.
We are sorry that if your received items have passed over 7days after delivery are not accepted.
If there are problems with other than our condition notations(For example…Sound skipping problem with CD /CDR (except if the factors are from the master),  Images are not displayed with DVD/DVDR (except if the factors are from the master)), we would deal with replacement or return.
And the case of the problem of the compatibility with playback player will have same problem again even the disc is changed, so please try to playwith another players before contact us.
Q : Sound quality? A : We can not respond to questions about the sound quality (requires checking sounds) or about content.
Q: Tell me the number of limited item which is on the webpage. A: We are sorry but we could not tell you limited numbers.
 Q: Is the photo of the item on the Overbid actually a bidding items? A: The images of jackets on the Overbid page are the actual images that we scanned one by one.

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About ordering and payment
Please check
Please check before inquiring
■Shipment ---------------------------------
We send your shipments by only EMS or SMALL PACKET or DHL. We do not accept any other methods.
When the total amount is under 10,000 JPY, we charge you 200 JPY as a packing fee.
When you order CD and vinyl at the same time, the shipping cost of DHL would be more expensive.
Because the package would be bigger.
We can ship the package on the same-day when you make the payment by 13:00.

■Payment Method ---------------------------

Credit card (VISA, Master) ■Paypal
You should pat:
*Purchases amount
*Shipping or credit card commission: 5% of the sum
(purchases amount + postage)

■About the delivery address----------------
*We are sorry that we do not accept orders which vendorask us tosend article to customers directly from us.
We are only able to send to the resistered address of our membership.
However in some circumstances. we accept orders which general customer ask us to send article to unresistered address.
DHL cannot be delivered to POBOX, so please give us your home address.
■Important information---------------------
●We accept your additional order only once.
 You can place additional order only once before you receive an invoice email from us.
●Regular SERVER maintenance.
 We do maintenance of the server at midnight in Japan time.
 You can not order during that time.(You can not access our website)
 Please acknowledge it.

■Our Business days-------------------------
(Kent Japan)
Fixed holiday: Saturday to Monday and National holidays
*Please check our business calender
Shop hours : 10:00 - 14:00 (JPN time)
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